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Helping Children Remember

Helping children remember  You’ve probably heard this axiom before, that children remember… 10% of what they READ 20% of what they HEAR 30% of what they SEE 50% of what they SEE and HEAR 70% of what they SAY and WRITE […]

Kindling the Flame

Kindling the Flame  By the 1940s, over 5,000 fire-watch towers, manned by  Forest Rangers, stood guard over our U.S. National Parks. At the first sighting of errant smoke, the Ranger would […]

Study Skills & Habits

    Empower: Study Skills and Habits Why are study skills important?   Study skills improve the way that students approach, tackle, and gain knowledge. Learning requires work, effort, and often […]


Wonder “Wonder is being receptive to what lies all around you….Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.” ~ E.B. White There is so much written in adult […]

Self Directed Learning

Self-directed Learning Have you ever had a toddler become extremely excited by the sound of the garbage truck approaching your home? Hearing the squeals of delight, the whole family is […]

Brain Power

our mind is a great power–tend and use it well BRAINPOWER is an important concept at Canyon Grove Academy.  There’s a lot of exciting new research that has more clearly defined […]