Adventures-at-School is a five day in the classroom program. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:45 am – 3:00 pm. Wednesday is early out school will be from 8:45am – 1:30 pm.  It is a blend of exciting hands-on learning, strong academic instruction, engaged discussion, and individual creative pursuits that guide students to feel empowered over their educational journey. Each child’s academic path is customized to inspire deeper learning through student-directed, teacher-supported passion projects and curriculum. In addition, we use activities that inspire curiosity and discovery to learn the essential science, history, language arts, and math state standards for the year. 

Adventures language arts is based upon Reading Horizons, an explicit phonics curriculum that helps every student build a solid foundation in reading and spelling through direct instruction. In addition, the class will have valuable literature discussions and class read aloud novels that correspond with the weekly Epic topics and focus on essentials such as strong writing abilities, keyboarding, and analytical skills.

Zearn Math is a top-rated program designed to be engaging for all students. K-5 Adventures teachers will use this powerful math program to promote student success no matter their current level of understanding. Zearn teaches the same concepts in multiple learning formats to reach the various learning needs of Adventure students. In addition, all K-6 students will engage in Math Talks several times a week to strengthen their math reasoning and use their math skills for real-world applications.

Adventures at school students and their parents have the opportunity to engage in all of our wonderful programs: 

Innovations This program lets students enjoy the many opportunities available to them on our campus, including the Space Center, SmartLab, and the school farm!
Discovery  Students learn confidence and as they discover their interests with activities such as the climbing wall, ice skating, paddle boarding, hiking, and sports! 
Epic  Students engage in hands-on learning as they explore the rotating history theme for the year! This year we will be studying 2021-22: Modern World History!
Allies Our Allies program creates a true partnership between the school and home. With parent training, Town Hall Meetings, and collaboration, our parents are valued!
Spark This program sparks enjoyment in families through shared experiences such as evening family field trips, services projects, and engaging school events!

Combining all of these opportunities provides whole child learning at its best! Whether it’s Dance, Music, PE, and Makerspace Art, Robotics, or digital media arts, your child will find a way to shine in their individual way! And on top of all that, students will learn and grow every day working in the school garden and caring for the various animals on our CGA Farm! While you are here, say hello to the goats and bunnies and chickens right out front. The goats are so friendly, but please don’t tour the farm without a Canyon Grove Employee. 🙂

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Sprouts (K) – Makayla Gonzalez

Hi, I’m Mrs Gonzales. I’m from Riverton, Utah. Some of my favorite things include cheering loud at football games, snow cones, interior design, and collecting anything to do with pineapples! I studied Early Childhood Education at UVU. I absolutely love working with kids and being here at Canyon Grove!

Hikers (1st) – McKenzie Sirrine

I grew up in Utah County, graduating from Westlake High School in Saratoga Springs. After high school I attended Utah Valley University and graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I grew up dancing and taught dance to children of all ages for three years. I come from a long line of teachers, teaching is something I have always been excited to do! I now live in Eagle Mountain and have been married for one year. When I am not teaching I like to go to Jazz games with my husband (he’s a huge fan), spend time with my family and friends, and relax while watching my favorite shows.

Climbers (2nd) – Sharon Rixner

Mrs Rixner is a lover of many things. Her heart belongs to rocks and dinosaurs. She has her masters degree in Biology and is currently working on a PhD in cognitive brain development. Mrs Rixner has taught for over 15 years in various grades. She has three cats, a dog, bearded dragon and many fish. She is a lover of all animals.   Mrs Rixner is happily married to a wonder man and has two amazing kids 20 and 24. She loves teaching and truly believes it’s her calling in life.

Campers (3rd) – Lindsea Kirk

I’ve wanted to be a teacher ever since I was a little girl! I love helping children learn and discover their own unique talents and passions. I was born in Iowa and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I love to be outdoors, visit new places, draw, paint, and spend time with friends and family. I hope to make learning fun and exciting and am looking forward to a wonderful school year at Canyon Grove!

Pioneers (4th) – Camille Danielson

I am excited to be at Canyon Grove. I taught 3rd grade for 4 years. Before that I spent quite a bit of time as a teacher aide/para educator, subbing, and volunteering off and on for several years. I love teaching. I love seeing growth happen and imagining where students will be in 10-15 years. I mostly grew up in Utah, but did live in California a couple of times. My favorite place that my family lived was in San Juan Capistrano, CA. 

Some things I enjoy doing are fishing, camping, borderline hoarding crafty stuff and partially completed projects. I also get a thrill out of trying to grow a potted garden on my north facing covered balcony. (humorous, but I am determined to find consistent  success). I love animals and all things nature. I have 3 fur babies, and a turtle. My fur babies are the loves of my life! I like to play the piano. I taught myself, so the fact that I can make music happen is pretty cool. I love good, clean, spontaneous humor. (like the things kids say or do that make it hard to keep a straight face, for example). I love positive learning and teaching experiences.

In my classroom, we develop an understanding of what it means and why it is important  to be respectful and responsible learners. This creates a positive, safe and comfortable learning environment for everyone. 

I am excited to be part of the Canyon Grove team!

5th –

Explorers (6th)- McKenzie Cloward

I loved growing up in California being close to the beach and the mountains. I graduated from BYU with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and I minored in TESOL ( teaching English as a second language). I taught second grade for one year and tutored multiple different students. I also spent time teaching English in Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic to children of different ages.  I have been married for one year and enjoy living in Provo with so many things to do! I love the outdoors, and trying new things. I look forward to the day when I have my own kids  and can teach them the many things that I have learned.

Things You Will Need to Know

  • Date & Time: School will begin on Monday, August 16th at 8:45am. Parents are welcome to drop their student off at the curb or park in a stall to walk their student in. Please follow the traffic flow indicators in our parking lot. Pick up is at 3:00pm at the red curb. We appreciate it if you load and go quickly to keep traffic moving and visit with your child about their day once you are not at the curb.
  • Dress code: All students should arrive in a Canyon Grove t-shirt, sweatshirt and school appropriate pants and shoes. You can purchase your Canyon Grove t-shirts and sweatshirts at the front desk.
  • Hydration: Students will bring their own water bottle each day to class.
  • Lunch: Please make sure your students bring a cold lunch each day. Lunch will NOT be provided at school.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Monday Innovations/Discovery

What are Innovations and Discovery?

As an Adventures at School student Innovations and Discovery are automatically part of your education at Canyon Grove Academy. Students will have these activities every Monday. Students will participate in either Innovations or Discovery but never both on the same day. Innovations happens in the mornings and uses our incredible resources at the school like our farm, space center and smart lab. Innovations sessions last for 8 weeks. Discovery happens in the afternoon and can be both on or off campus. Discovery sessions last for 4 weeks. We do all sorts of activities during Discovery from art and science, to ice skating and snowshoeing. These programs provide many opportunities to explore and try out new things.

Is there any fee to participate?

No. Innovations and Discovery are provided free of charge to all enrolled students.

When will my students participate in these programs?

Each grade is assigned a schedule of when they will have Innovations and when they will have Discovery for the whole year. You can find that schedule posted below. All students will have the same opportunities throughout the year but at different times throughout the year according to their class’s assigned schedule.

Is any special gear needed?

The dress code for Innovations and Discovery is the same as a regular school day. CGA shirt or sweatshirt on the outside layer, closed toed shoes and no hats. If we are doing an activity that requires special clothing or gear we will let you know before the session begins what students will need, then you are responsible for bringing those items on Monday’s during that session.

What if the venue requires a waiver to be signed?

If there is a required waiver for a venue we are going to we will send you that link with a deadline to get it signed by. If the waiver is not signed then your student will not be able to participate.

What if I need to check out my student early?

Knowing which program your students are participating in will be helpful if you need to check students out early. If we are on campus, checking out early is no problem. Just bring your photo ID to the front office when you are checking them out. Conversely, if your student is off campus with us, we are not able to check students out early remotely. Instead you will need to check out your student from the front office before we leave campus.

End of day pick up

Regardless of whether we are on campus or out and about, we will have your students back at the school before the end of the school day and you will pick them up at 3:00 pm as you normally do on any other day of the week.

End of day pick up routine Tuesday-Friday

On Tuesday – Friday we run Innovations and Discovery for our distance students and they have pick up at 2:45 pm. We need to get all these students checked out before your students get out at 3:00. If you arrive early for pick up please start or wait in line to the right hand side of the parking lot just before the curve to get to the pick up sidewalk. When we are done with our Discovery check out then you all can pull forward to the sidewalk area for the 3:00 pm pick up.

Adventures at School Grades K-3rd

Program Assigned Day Dates of Activity Time
Innovations 1 Monday Aug. 21-Oct. 9 9:00-11:30
Discovery 3 Monday Oct. 23-Nov. 13 12:15-2:45
Discovery 4 Monday Nov. 27-Dec. 18 12:15-2:45
Winter Break No classes Dec. 25-Jan. 5
Innovations 3 Monday Jan. 8-Feb. 26 9:00-11:30
MLK Jr. Day No classes Jan. 15
President’s Day No classes Feb. 19
Discovery 7 Monday Mar. 4-Apr. 8 12:15-2:45
Spring Break No classes April 1-5
Discovery 8 Monday Apr. 15-May 6 12:15-2:45

Adventures at School Grades 4-6th

Program Assigned Day Dates of Activity Time
Discovery 1 Monday Aug. 21-Sep. 11 12:15-2:45
Labor Day No classes Sep. 4
Discovery 2 Monday Sep. 18-Oct. 9 12:15-2:45
Innovations 2 Monday Oct. 23-Dec. 18 9:00-11:30
Winter Break No classes Dec. 25-Jan. 5
Discovery 5 Monday Jan. 8-Jan. 29 9:00-11:30
MLK Jr. Day No classes Jan. 15
Discovery 6 Monday Feb. 5-Feb. 26 12:15-2:45
President’s Day No classes Feb. 19
Innovations 4 Monday Mar. 4-May 6 12:15-2:45
Spring Break No classes April 1-5