You Are Enough

You may have days when you don’t feel like you’ve got a Ph.D. in parenting, but guess what? You’re doing the job! You deserve the degree! There’s no better human in the history of ever that can love and teach your children and facilitate their growth and success as you do.

You are enough. You are doing a great work and you are doing it very well!

You do so much to care and provide for your children’s health and growth every day– as chief meal-planner, cook, nutrition specialist, emergency caregiver, entertainer, chauffeur, coach, bill-payer, budget-shopper, schedule coordinator, cleanliness-advisor, clothing launderer, on-the-spot therapist & counselor, exemplar, educator, nurturer, disciplinarian, cheerleader, etc., etc., etc!  Can I just say, “WOW!”

Do you see how indispensable and remarkable your work and contributions are? Because of your attentive care, your children have probably grown an inch in brilliant stature while you’ve paused to read this! When you doubt yourself or feel overwhelmed remember


All the little daily efforts, positive contributions, and sacrifices you make for your children accumulate and multiply like compound interest on a long-term investment. Your children will be blessed beyond measure because of you. You are enough!

Thanks for all you do! Congratulations on your well-earned Ph.D!

~Kim Goates

  Executive Director