In order to be ready for our Innovations and Discovery programs, linked below are the 2022-23 required orientation videos that we need you to watch. Once you have completed learning from these videos then please fill out the google form. That will fulfill the requirement for this year’s orientation and needs to be submitted before students can participate in these programs.

Parent Orientation

Student Orientation

Google Form (for grades K-6)

Innovations and Discovery are both distinct half day programs that students can sign up to participate in once a week throughout the school year. Innovations runs in the morning and Discovery runs in the afternoon. These programs use the resources we have at our school and in the community to give our students a wide variety of experiences and opportunities.

Upcoming or current session details:

Session 3- Space Center & Planetarium, Smart Lab and Pottery

Session 5: Snowshoeing (If there are weeks that we do not have enough snow we will do other activities at the school.)
Session 6: Martial Arts, Juggling, Printmaking

Each school year completing our Innovations and Discovery Orientation and signing the school’s waiver are required before students can participate in these programs for that school year.

A bus is available for both Innovations and Discovery for students from the South Jordan, Draper and Springville locations to bring students to and from Pleasant Grove to participate in these activities on their location’s individually assigned days.

Students will alternate between Innovations and Discovery throughout the year according to the assigned rotation listed on the chart below. They will never do both at the same time. You may choose to participate in the activities for that assigned session or not by how you sign up. Students are not automatically enrolled and must sign up by the registration deadline for each of the sessions they would like to participate in.

Students are enrolled on a first come first serve basis from the sign ups linked in your locations schedule below. We want to provide these program opportunities to all our students and we will do our best to do so. We recommend signing up as soon as registration opens because they do fill up fast. If the session is full when you go to sign up, sign up for the waiting list. After registration closes we will see what we can do to accommodate those students on the waiting list.

Assigned Day per Location

Here is the schedule of which day of the week each location will attend Innovations or Discovery per location. Please note that it is subject to change depending upon student enrollment.

Monday –  Adventures-in-person

Tuesday – PG Thursday, South Jordan & Tooele

Wednesday – PG Tuesday, Springville & PG Monday

Thursday – PG Wednesday, Draper

Friday – Middle School

Students will register for either Innovations (9:00-11:30 for 8 weeks) or 2 sessions of Discovery (12:15-2:45 for 4 weeks) according to their assigned schedule listed below.

2022-23 Rotation of Programs

Adventures in Person Grades K-3, Draper, South Jordan & Tooele, Springville & PG Monday

Sign up 1: Innovations 1

Sign up 2: Discovery 3 & 4

Sign up 3: Innovations 3

Sign up 4: Discovery 7 & 8

Adventures in Person Grades 4-6, PG Tuesday, PG Wednesday, PG Thursday, Middle School

Sign up 1: Discovery 1 & 2

Sign up 2: Innovations 2

Sign up 3: Discovery 5 & 6

Sign up 4: Innovations 4

2022-23 Sign up opening and closing dates:

Sign up 1: July 25-Aug. 7

Sign up 2: Sept. 19-Oct. 3

Sign up 3: Nov. 28-Dec. 12

Sign up 4: Feb. 13-Feb. 27

Discovery/Innovations Supervisor

Jana loves life, learning and a good adventure. She has four children who somehow keep getting older and older. Led by a deep drive for educating and growing whole humans she has homeschooled and hybrid schooled them for 16 + years. She joined Canyon Grove Academy after creating and running her own homeschool support that taught academics, character education, art, and the chinese martial arts in the Salt Lake valley for four years. Shortly after joining Canyon Grove Academy she helped create the Discovery program and has been running that and loving it ever since. She loves creating opportunities for personal growth and personal accountability through such a wide variety of experiences.

Jana earned a BFA from BYU back in the day. She is a RYT 200 registered yoga instructor and a student of the chinese martial arts. Her love of adventure has led her around the world enjoying various cultures and the great outdoors. With also enjoying photography, she has the pictures to prove it. But her favorite moments are when she is with all of her children in the same room talking about life, teasing each other and enjoying each other’s company.

She enthusiastically looks forward to continuing to learn and grow with the students.




Mentor – Bradyn Lystrup

Bradyn Lystrup has an innate ability to entertain, whether he is running a simulation in the Space Center or adding laughter to everyday mundane activities.  He’s able to find the best in every situation and use humor to involve and enthuse even the most reluctant learner.  Bradyn has almost 20 years of simulated learning experience. He eagerly accepts assignments and develops innovative solutions, even in the most challenging educational circumstances.  He creates an environment that encourages students’ acceptance of responsibility for their own learning. Bradyn also has a background in sales and sales management.  When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two beautiful young daughters, playing games with friends and family, or doing anything related to cars.

Mentor – Maxwell Whitson

Maxwell Whitson is from Minnesota where he called home until a couple of years ago when he and his wife moved to Utah for the amazing mountains. He studied Environmental and Outdoor Education in Duluth, MN and has been writing and teaching hands-on and experiential based curriculum for youth programs ever since. Maxwell loves to help people have fun and learn, especially in the outdoors! He spends his time hiking, biking, climbing, and skiing in the mountains!

Mentor – Tim Christiansen

Tim has worked in the Alpine School District the last 6 years with kids ranging from kindergarten to 6th grade and he’s loved every minute of it. He appreciates the chance to build a bond with the students and makes sure they know he not only cares that they learn something, but also that they become better people and learn to love themselves. He never saw his path leading to education, but helping kids realize their potential is one of the greatest things he’s ever experienced. 

Tim was born and raised in Moab, Utah. He’s a father of 2 beautiful, teenage daughters that keep him busy. He went to college for Graphic Design and he enjoys art in so many different forms. He’s always loved animals and loves to care for them and build a bond with them. He’s managed a dog recreation center, been a dog photographer, dog trainer, and a puppy nanny. To say he loves dogs is an understatement.  When he’s not at work you can usually find him working on his art, watching or coaching soccer, riding his eBike, or outdoors with his dogs.

Innovations & Discovery Rules


We do not accept late registrations. You will need to sign up for each session. Signups are open for 2 weeks prior to each session.  Signup dates are posted on the website. Please take note of those dates and plan to register accordingly. Parents are responsible for signing up their students for each session.


We are happy we can provide Innovations and Discovery free of charge to our students. In order to participate in these programs please know that when you sign up for a session you are committing to attend all of the session. Dates of each session are clearly posted so before signing up please make sure your student is able to attend. Those that are not in compliance with attendance for one session or withdrawing students after the registration deadline or mid-session will not be allowed to participate in the following session even if they are registered for that session. After missing one session you can then try again. If you have any of the below you are not in compliance and will be asked to sit out the following session. To have an absence excused you must communicate with Jana (jana.stout@canyongrove.com) before the absence or day of explaining why the student will be missing. Emails without an explanation will be subject to counting as an unexcused absence.


2 unexcused absences

2-3 excused absences

Combo of 1 unexcused absence and 1-2 excused absences


3 unexcused absences

3-4 excused absences

Combo of 1-2 unexcused absence and 1-2 excused absences

Dress Code:

During Innovations and Discovery participants must adhere to Canyon Grove dress code policy.  Students, staff and volunteers wear a Canyon Grove Academy T-shirt or Sweatshirt (must be visible) and closed toed shoes. Hats are not allowed.

If students are not dressed appropriately they will be given a reminder slip at the end of the day. After 3 reminders we will work with parents and students to come up with a plan of how the dress code can be followed. Students that are not able to follow the dress code will not be able to participate in the programs.


Transportation options for each session will be detailed in the sign up. You need to stick with the method of transportation you choose during sign up for the entirety of the session both to and from the activity. For example, if you sign up for the bus you need to take the bus both directions for the entire session.


Students are expected to be respectful, responsible and ready during Discovery. We have a three strikes policy with behavior issues. If a student receives three strikes in one day, parents will be contacted to pick up their student and come up with a plan with the program director and student for improved behavior while at Innovations or Discovery before returning to participate.

No food:

Please feed your students well before they come to Innovations or Discovery. Please don’t send food with your student.  Water bottles are acceptable. Please mark them with your name.

CGA Enrolled Students Only:

Parents and unenrolled siblings or family members are not allowed to stay on site with us for Innovations or Discovery. These programs are for enrolled students only. If you have a special need you can contact Jana.


Riding the bus is a privilege we are happy we can offer. Students are responsible for their behavior while riding the bus in order to use this privilege. Here is the full bus policy document.

Bus policy document

3. All Distance Locations Epic page (Bus information) 

Drop off times listed need to change to the following. All the other information that is posted needs to remain the same just the time changes.

Parent Bus Schedule

Innovations: 9:00-11:30

Drop off: Students arrive at bus location 8:15 am

Discovery: 12:15-2:45

Drop off: Students arrive at bus location 11:30 am