Discovery Day Director

Jana loves life, learning and a good adventure. She has homeschooled and hybrid schooled her four children for 13 years. She created and ran Ignite Academy Homeschool Support for four years teaching academics, art, character development and the Chinese Martial Arts. She holds a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. She is also a certified yoga instructor. She has a passion for teaching and helping children see and understand their own greatness. She loves photography, backpacking, camping, experiencing new things and cultures.



Discovery Day Mentor

Sage DeLaMare is a student at Brigham Young University majoring in Human Development and minoring in Japanese. In the future she want to be a Child Life Specialist. She grew up in Bountiful, Utah, as the oldest of 6 kids. She is an avid runner, art enthusiast, and lover of the outdoors.

Discovery Day Mentor

Lizzie DeLaMare is currently attending the University of Utah and plans to major in recreational therapy. She loves animals, especially llamas! She is a mentor for Discovery Days, which is the best job ever! She loves to have fun with the kids and learn new things alongside them and is thankful to be at such a wonderful school.


Discovery is a program designed to give students opportunities to discover new interests and skills. Discovery aims to provide meaningful experiences that foster a passion for lifelong learning and personal development. Discovery takes students into the community to participate in real world experiences as well as bringing experts into the school to host new learning and experiences for our students.

Goal of Discovery Day:

These experiences are designed to empower students to learn, practice, and develop skills that will support them throughout their life. Students will cultivate creativity, confidence, problem-solving skills, social skills, accountability, work ethic, and resiliency through a variety of guided exploration experiences.  Unlike our field trips Discovery Day is just for our students.

Discovery Day activities

Discovery Days:

Activities are funded completely by Canyon Grove Academy, if you sign up we pay regardless of your attendance – so please come. Multiple absences and unexcused absences will result in students not being able to attend the following session.

Discovery Day T-shirts are required to be worn to all Discovery Days. T-shirts are only $6 and available for purchase in the front office.  Discovery Day classes and experiences are generally 2.5 hours long, from 12:00-2:30 PM. Which Discovery day your students should attend is listed below according to what location you are enrolled in. If you need to attend Discovery Days on a day different than your assigned day you are welcome to sign up but be aware that transportation options for each day are different and may not meet your needs as well as first priority in choosing classes will go to those that are assigned to that specific day.

Monday Discovery Days – Draper & South Jordan locations

Tuesday Discovery Days – PG Thursday & Springville locations

Wednesday Discovery Day – PG Monday & Eagle Mountain locations

Thursday afternoon – PG Tuesday location

Activities throughout the year are both on and off campus. Depending on where the activity is and what location you are enrolled in we will provide some buses as described in each individual session sign up. On the sign up you will choose your mode of transportation for the whole session. With parent transportation, parents will drop of their students by 11:50 AM and pick them back up at 2:30 PM (unless otherwise explained in the sign up). If you are taking the bus it will generally leave the pick up location at the latest 11:20 AM (Specific times for each location  will be posted in the sign up. Arrive around 11:05. If you miss the bus you are responsible for driving your students to the location) and return to that bus site around 3:00 PM (it is extremely important that you are on time to pick up your student). There will be a staff member at the site to check students in and out.

Parent transportation:  drop-off 11:50 am, pick-up 2:30 pm (unless otherwise explained in the sign up).

Bus:  drop-off 11:10 am, pick-up 3:00 pm



In order to attend Discovery Day, you must sign up for each session you want to attend. The links are available as soon as the event it ready to go and close 2 weeks prior to the event.  You will find the links on the “Schedules and Sign Ups” page. We will send you a text via Remind when links are live so don’t fret :). Signing up is a commitment to coming and when registration is closed we are unable to make any changes. Sorry!  It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare roles and bus schedules to make sure we keep all our kiddos safe – changes may seem insignificant to you but are really challenging for us.

The constant change in activities for your kids can be confusing so please mark your calendars or check back often so you remember.


We have one bus at the school that is specifically for Discovery Days. That bus can hold 83 students. When signing up for Discovery Days we can only offer an option for riding the bus until that max if filled. When our bus is full, students that still want to participate in the session will need to use parent transportation as there will no longer be a bus option available. If you really need bus transportation please remember to sign up early as our busing options are on a first come, first serve basis.

Please note that bus pick-up/drop off sites are not at the Epic day locations. The bus will leave from each pick-up site at 11:20 am (unless otherwise specified in the sign up) and return around 3:00 pm unless otherwise stated in the sign-up.  If you miss the bus you are responsible for your students transportation.

Bus pick-up and drop-off site information is on the individual location pages under the location tab.

Bus Rules

Checking In and Out

When arriving for and leaving Discovery Days all students must be checked in and out by a Discovery staff member. If you arrive before our staff please wait with your students until we can check them in.  If someone “other than the parent” is picking them up we need written notification (text or email is great).


  • Please only sign up for sessions that you can commit to.  Each session runs for 4 weeks. Multiple absences or 2 unexcused absences will result in students not being allowed to participate in the next session.

Please drop-off and pick-up your student(s) on time.

  • Bus: Drop off around 11:05 am. Pick up time is usually 3:00 pm.
      • Note: Any students who are not picked up within 15 minutes after the bus arrives will ride the bus back to the school and wait in the front office to be picked up there.
  • Canyon Grove Academy: Drop off at 11:50 (unless otherwise specified). Pick up is at 2:30 pm.
      • Note: If you are more than 15 minutes late please park your car and come into the school to pick up your child. School closes at 4:00 pm.


  • Please only sign up for sessions that you can commit to.  Each session runs for  3-4 weeks.
  • We will not accept any late registrations. Any changes to the schedule or cancellations need to happen BEFORE the registration deadline.
  • If there is an emergency and you are unable to come to one of the days that you have signed up for, please contact:
    • Jana Stout: 801-810-9141,
  • We have Discovery Day T-shirts for $6. All staff, students and volunteers must wear the T-shirt.  Purchase these at the front office.  Feel free to call ahead to confirm they have your size. 801-785-9300
  • No Food.
  • Enrolled students only.
  • We love volunteers! Please leave your other cuties at home so they don’t distract the students.
  • Positive attitude and behaviors are expected. We reserve the right to require a student to take a break from Discovery Days until a behavior contract is established.
  • Bus behavior includes: No food and sit down correctly (on pockets facing forward).
  • We expect participants to follow directions and be respectful of people and property. We do NOT ALLOW name calling, swearing, physical aggression, or bullying. If any of these things happen during Discovery Days parents will be contacted and we will document the incident. We maintain and enforce a three strike policy with inappropriate behavior.
  • Please drop-off and pick-up your student(s) on time.
    • Bus: Morning: Pick up time is usually at 12:00 pm.
    • Afternoon: Pick up time is usually 3:00 pm.
    • Note: Any students who are not picked up within 15 minutes after the bus arrives will ride the bus back to the school and wait in the front office to be picked up there.
    • Canyon Grove Academy: Morning: Pick up is at 11:30 am.
    • Afternoon: Pick up is at 2:30 pm.
    • Note: If you are late please park your car and come into the school to pick up your child. School closes at 4:00pm.

Student Behavior

Discovery Day is a privilege that we want all our students to enjoy. We have large groups of students that we ensure the safety for as well as maintaining a positive learning environment. We expect that participants will be respectful to their teachers, volunteers, and fellow students. We expect students to follow directions and participate appropriately. Anytime a student does not meet these expectations, we will follow this protocol:

1) Student will be given a verbal warning with the expected behavior clearly stated and allowed to stay with the group.

2) Student will be asked to sit out (for about 10 minutes). Before rejoining the group the student will need to commit to being responsible for their appropriate behavior and then rejoin the group.

3) Student will be asked to sit out and a parent will be called to come and pick them up. When behavior gets to a level 3, parent, student, and Jana Stout will need to work together to come up with a behavior plan for the student before they are allowed to attend Discovery Day again.

Behavior Expectations:


Please ensure that your contact information is current in the case of an emergency.  There will be no unsupervised interaction with students unless it is with a staff member who has received a background check.

Parent Volunteers

During some of our activities we need parent volunteers. All volunteers must have a background check cleared before they volunteer. The fee is $40.75 and can be done at the school. It takes a couple of days to clear so plan ahead. When a volunteer helps for one complete 4 week Discovery Day session ie. four half days, $30.75 can be reimbursed. This background check is valid for a few years. If you already have a valid LifeScan  you can have it transferred to our school for $10. Background checks can be done at the school in the front office between 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.
Volunteers will help with managing the safety of the students and monitoring for appropriate behavior as well as be extra hands for our teachers. Parent volunteers will need to purchase and wear a Discovery Day T-shirt at each session. This helps ensure the safety of our students as they know who they can “go to” with questions. Unfortunately, as a full day parent volunteer, you may NOT bring younger children with you as you volunteer. We need your full focus. You may have younger children with you if you are only volunteering to assist with the bus pickup and drop off. As a parent volunteer we ask that you use the same transportation that you select for your child. We hope you will join us on some of our adventures this year.

Pay miscellaneous fees here.

(Not lunch fees)

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