Our Farm Family

Unplug and come spend time learning and experiencing our school farm. The Farm at Canyon Grove Academy provides the opportunity to experience day to day farm life and offer fun and unique opportunities to engage in outdoor experiences, hands-on animal care, and learn all about growing plants and food throughout the year.

Farm Manager – Adam Cutler

Adam has always loved growing his own food and raising his own animals. He grew up between East Texas and Springville, UT helping his grandfathers on the farm. After getting married and having children, he has tried to pass that self sufficiency on to his children. Adam lives in Orem with his wife and 4 children. He loves gardening and raising his backyard chickens, as well as continuing to learn and practice self reliance and survival skills. His other hobbies include hiking, camping, and spending time with his kids.

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Goat friends!


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Growing methods

Baby Chicks!