Failure Leads to Success

I am responsible to learn from my failures.

We all have a tendency to quit or feel defeated when we fail at something.  We lean toward the conclusion that it will be easier to give up, often when we’ve only just begun to try.  We say things like “I’ll never try that again.” We will fail a lot as we try; especially when we try new things.  

None of us would be able to walk or color inside the lines, if we had given up after our first tumbles or messy scribbles. It isn’t really the failure, but the hope found in our little successful attempts that teach us we can do it. We are capable. With effort and practice, we surely will improve and progress. It was that one step when we didn’t fall, and the small space where we colored within the lines, that helped us see we could. 

It doesn’t feel good to fail. Failing can be very discouraging and often embarrassing….but ONLY when we respond and allow it to affect us that way. There is a positive side to getting things wrong. A gentle dose of self-kindness, growth mindset, and forgiveness combined with a healthy dose of grit, resilience, and humor can transform any failure into fuel for growth, learning, and empowerment. We will learn from our failures when we choose to do hard things and keep moving forward.

Doing hard things is vital for our growth.  Things that were once hard become easy as we continue to move forward and continue to try.  Overcoming hard things builds self-worth and confidence.  We move from thinking we can’t to knowing we can.  Failure leads to success!

You G.O.A.T. this!

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