I am ready to give my very best effort to achieve and grow in the direction of my goals and dreams.

Commitment and being ready go hand-in-hand. Positive energy and focus increase when we know where we’re headed. 

On the drive to Southern California from Utah, there’s a really long and straight stretch of I-15, south of Las Vegas, that seems to come to an abrupt end, in the visible distance. It looks like the end of the road. Everyone makes a prediction for how many miles they think it is to travel and reach that point. 

It seems to take a looong time, counting mile by mile. When we finally get there, we check the odometer and cheer for the best guesser…and discover, once again, that it wasn’t the end of the road.

Being ready to give our best effort to achieve and grow in the direction of our goals and dreams is somewhat like that imagery. We know where we’re headed, we’re prepared to go the distance, but we can only make a prediction for how much effort and  time it will take to reach our goal. In pursuit of a dream, even If we over, or under-estimate ourselves, we will still have to travel the miles to complete our journey...The end, or goal, can ever be in sight, and our commitment will move us forward, regardless of setbacks. 

To achieve something that you have never achieved before you must become someone that you have never been before. (Les Brown)

Being ready to achieve big dreams means we’re committed to changing ourselves by making small, consistent efforts. Consistent effort and actions, over time, become our habits, and our habits influence and determine our future. The goal is in sight!           

Ready, set, grow! 

You GOAT this!

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