Spark – Family Activities

How are Spark activities paid for? In order to get a discount, activities are paid in a lump sum by the school.  When you sign up for each individual activity that you would like to attend you pay the fee.   A fee waiver is available for qualifying students.  Make sure we have a signed copy of your  Declaration of Income Form. 

Can I get a refund?  We reserve and pay for all activities.  No refunds can be given.

Who can go to a CGA activity.  Activities are for immediate families of Canyon Grove students only.  (Parents, enrolled student and siblings) 

What if I am running late?  NO late arrivals will be admitted, no exceptions, and you will lose any fees paid. We are required to check in and pay as a group. The locations will not allow any arrivals once the payment has been made.  If you arrive late, you will be asked to pay the normal price.

How do we get to/from the activities?  We do not provide transportation, you will need to provide that on your own.

101 Dalmations

This year, we will have 2 plays to allow more students the opportunity to participate. This also allows us to have smaller groups at the play practices to make it even more fun and enjoyable. Auditions for the Canyon Grove Academy Fall Play will be held at the Pleasant Grove campus on Tuesday, Sept. 12. Use this link to access the sign-up form and schedule your student’s tryout! Everyone from the school will have the opportunity to view/attend the play. But the fall play auditions are only available for students from the PG Mon, PG Tues, PG Wed, Draper and Springville EPIC programs. Students from Adventures@School, PG Thurs, South Jordan and Tooele students will perform in the spring!

2nd Annual SCSB Student Art Competition

Deadline for submission is Monday, 30th, 2023 at 8:00 AM. We are excited to partner with the State Charter School Board in creating an opportunity to showcase talented artists from charter schools across the state. The theme is “What Am I Learning.” Students are encouraged to artistically represent what they are learning or have learned.  Click HERE for rules and submission guidelines. Award categories include: Overall Best Piece, Best Piece for K-3, Best Piece for 4-6, Best Piece for Middle School, and Best Piece for High School.

Classic Skating: October 6th, 2023

Please join us for a fun-filled night at Classic Skating Center in Orem. The entire, immediate family is invited to join in on the fun. Entrance to the building is free for our Canyon Grove families. Check out the flyer for more details and to see discounted rates on the other activities available. Click HERE to sign up! We ask that you wear your Canyon Grove T-Shirt for any who have one.