Assessment Preparation

What thoughts, memories, and feelings arise when you say the words TEST or ASSESSMENT? Do you remember feeling anxiety, self-doubt, self-assurance, or excitement? What made you feel that way? Looking back at my own experiences, my associated feelings, positive or negative, had a direct correlation with my confidence and preparation before, and during, tests. I always felt most at ease with the subjects I was good at. How about you?

Our school children are in the midst of years of academic progress.  It’s really important for them to feel at ease and ready to do their best.

The value of assessment is in providing comparative and detailed recognition of individual academic performance and growth over time.

What can we do to help our children be prepared and feel confident, as they participate in essential formal testing and assessments? What are your child’s greatest needs as he/she participates in a formal testing experience?

Here are some ideas and resources to help them prepare:

  1. Encourage students to do the tests and reviews that are part of their chosen curriculum.
    2. Help them learn to monitor their feelings and reduce testing anxiety
    Reducing Test Anxiety for Elementary Students.pdf
    Reducing Test Anxiety for Upper Elementary Students

  1. Do some sample tests online to become familiar with the potential content and format of the assessment.
    K-6th Practice Tests and Videos for NWEA MAP Growth
    Grades 3-6: Utah Rise Sample Tests  (Just click the green SIGN IN button to begin)
    Kindergarten: K.E.E.P. sample Entry Student Materials ,
    K.E.E.P. sample Exit practice 

  1. Teach and employ some test-taking strategies.
    Video: Test Taking Strategies and Tips for School
    Tips for Different Types of Questions and Responses

  1. Familiarize students with the vocabulary and meaning of terms and standards that will be used in their formal testing:
    NWEA MAPS RIT Vocabulary
    Utah Core Standards – UEN

We all want our children to feel calm and well-prepared so that they can give their personal best. The work of learning and striving for excellence is challenging, and they deserve to be celebrated for their individual efforts and growth!

~Kim Goates

  Executive Director