Words Have Power

I am READY to speak-up

I am READY to speak-up and defend what is right, fair, and kind. No one should be put-down, bullied, or forced to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

This leadership guidepost is really about cultivating everyday courage and conviction.

 Recently, a friend of mine was fired at work because he courageously spoke out against some unethical practices that were taking place among his boss and co-workers. This took tremendous conviction. He knew the stakes would be high, but he knew he could not continue to work in that environment and keep his integrity, by remaining silent. 

How can we teach and empower our children to rise above fear and confidently speak-up and defend themselves and others? 

Through-out history, some of our greatest leaders have been individuals who stood up with conviction, and gave voice to that which is right, fair, and kind. We are inspired to action by individuals and groups like: Martin Luther King Jr.-Civil Rights, Mother Teresa-serving the poor and forgotten in Calcutta, The Polaris Project- working to end modern slavery and human trafficking,  the Pilgrims and Pioneers of this country–seeking religious and personal freedoms, etc. Perhaps, our own Mom, a sibling, or a close friend was the brave hero who stood-up for us when we needed it. 

The world our children are growing up in is full of big reasons and opportunities for speaking out, right in our own communities. We probably all know people that have been affected by abuse, bullying, injustice, neglect, discrimination, hunger, falsehoods, harrassment, or unkindness. Any wrongdoing towards children brings out the mama bear in me. I can’t possibly be quiet when I see innocents being taken advantage of. 

Speaking up, speaking boldly, advocating, and upholding rights, values, and beliefs is often the only way to instigate change and develop more understanding. We want to move toward greater compassion, peace, safety, and moral progress. 

Despite difficulty, fear, and real or imagined risks, standing up and respectfully saying our peace makes a big difference! Our voices matter…Looking out for those who do not have a voice matters. 

Leaders speak-up. Courage requires taking worthy actions. When we really care, we act. 

Let’s help our children find and use their powerful voices!

We G.O.A.T. this!

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