Failure Leads to Success

I am respectful of my learning process. I learn from my mistakes.

As parents, we want to help our children develop the resilience, grit, and confidence they’ll need to face challenges and work through the difficulty associated with making mistakes and failing. We can do this by sharing personal experiences and stories of others who have gone through this learning process. 

The Wright Brothers wanted to create a flying machine. They believed they could. They studied and applied what little was known about flight in their day, and built seven different flying machines. Each of them crashed, more than once. Many mistakes were made. One of their early planes would steer in the opposite direction they wanted it to! But they were respectful of the learning process. They tried to learn something from each of these setbacks.  Each time they rebuilt an airplane, they were able to fix something that had gone wrong before. Their errors and follies ultimately helped them to discover how to fly!

How can we learn from our mistakes and failures? 

  1. Respect the learning process. Keep an open mind and heart, and be teachable
  2. Acknowledge your feelings. Dealing with difficulty and disappointment is an important part of learning, healing, and growing.
  3. Have compassion and empathy for yourself and others. 
  4. Practice resilience. Practice coming away from a setback with something positive. Bounce back.
  5. Build upon your strengths. 
  6. Seek support. 
  7. Remember, things will get better. 
  8. Cultivate a curious and inquiring mind. Ask, “What can I learn from this?”
  9. Be a problem solver. Try new or different ways of seeing and doing things.
  10. Apply a sense of humor. 
  11. Give a self-evaluation:  Was I trying my best?  How can I improve? What can I do differently?

You G.O.A.T. this!

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