Brain Power

our mind is a great power–tend and use it well

BRAINPOWER is an important concept at Canyon Grove Academy.  There’s a lot of exciting new research that has more clearly defined how the brain works and how we can boost the function and performance of our minds. There are a lot of mind-healthy habits and activities we can integrate into our everyday routines. We want to help our children gain the understanding and skills for building healthy, lifelong-learning, BRAINPOWER!.

What do we want our kids to know about the brain? 

Below, are some questions with associated links to support our efforts in helping them to build BRAINPOWER. Choose an area that would be most beneficial for you and your children. Share and apply what you learn and build BRAINPOWER together!

How do our brains work? What is brain power?

What can we do to boost our children’s brain power? AND

How can our children power-up their brains for learning?

What are some conditions under which the brain functions best?

~Kim Goates
  Executive Director
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