Here is a small sample of the foreign language kits we have available in our library.

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Foreign Language


The best new way to learn a language.  Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have proof that it works.

Read, Listen, Speak:  Each lesson includes a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges.

In-Lesson Grading: Instantly see which answers you get correct. When you miss a challenge, we’ll quickly show you how to improve.

Streak Count: Duolingo motivates you to stay on track by recording how many days in a row you spend learning a language.

Hearts: Hearts keep your lessons alive! You lose them when you answer incorrectly. When you’re out of hearts, start over and try again. Learn More

Classical Academic Press

The Classical Academic Press Spanish, Latin or French for Children Primer series uses the pedagogy and structure combined with immersion-style dialogues and vocabulary. The series emphasizes grammar and the parts of speech as vital tools for the correct speaking and understanding of the language. The texts also use lively chants to aid memorization of both grammar and vocabulary.  A yearlong course for grades 3-4 and up.  SpanishFrenchLatin.


Song School

Now there is a program suited to the energy, developmental level, and fun-loving nature of your early-elementary (1st-3rd grade) students! Song School Spanish or Latin feature weekly lessons peppered with songs/chants, enjoyable vocabulary, illustrations, handwriting practice, stories, games, and activities. A small amount of grammar is introduced mildly throughout the book, with the focus on relevant, everyday vocabulary to engage young students.  Spanish,   Latin


Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids   

Teaches Spanish to children from as young as preschool level up into the teen years. This is an immersion approach, but the videos are carefully designed to make the content comprehensible for those who have no prior exposure to Spanish.

Each DVD has a total run time of about 45 minutes. A suggested schedule page that came with my DVDs recommends that children watch the first segment straight through on the first day, then re-watch it in segments a few times so that children have plenty of time to absorb the vocabulary and usage. Each segment concludes with a rapid visual review of the vocabulary that has been introduced in that segment.  Learn More



Founded in 2006, Whistlefritz was borne out of a mom’s passion to teach her own children Spanish. After reading research showing that early childhood was the best time to learn a language, Whistlefritz’s founding mom set out on a mission to find fun and educational teaching materials for her children. She searched for videos with engaging storylines, featuring live speakers rather than cartoons, and teaching through immersion. Not finding what she wanted, she decided to create it: engaging, playful, live-action Spanish immersion programs for her own kids and kids everywhere!  Learn More

The Deluxe Spanish Collection

Mango Language

 70+ languages & counting.

If you’re looking to learn new languages and meet new cultures from near and far, you’ve come to the right place. From Spanish and French to Azerbaijani, English, and even Pirate, we’ve got you covered.  Mango language is available for free at your public library.  Find a library near you.