I am responsible to be persistent and focused as I work toward my goals and dreams.

At the age of 13, Bethany Hamilton, a surfer from Hawaii, was attacked by a shark. She lost her entire left arm, and nearly her life. She didn’t lose her love for surfing. She worked hard through her recovery to summon strength and courage, get back into the ocean, and start anew. She had big dreams to achieve. Just two years after the attack, she went on to win First Place in the Women’s Division NSSA National Championship. Her personal story of persistence and focus inspired the movie Soul Surfer

Even small daily persistent efforts create  achievement and transformation. 

Focus can be explained by the difference between a flashlight and a laser beam. A flashlight spreads its light over a wide area that eventually dissipates and fades out. In contrast, a laser produces a streamlined beam of very bright, intense, far-reaching, and focused light. To be “laser-focused” is essential if we want to achieve long-term, extraordinary goals and dreams. 

Focus, combined with sincere commitment and persistent action, can liberate us through the challenges, disappointment, and setbacks we face as we pursue our finest goals and dreams.

What big dreams and goals require persistent efforts in your life, and in the lives of your children?

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