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can do hard things!

One of the greatest life skills we can help our children to develop is mental strength. We want to help them gain mental skills and attributes like gratitude, grit, hope, peace, forgiveness, confidence, resilience, courage, flexibility, and focus.

In 2014,  Christian Moore wrote The Resilience Breakthrough, about his own journey to develop mental strength. Though Christian was labeled ADHD, had severe learning disabilities and spent most of his childhood living on the streets, he eventually forged a pathway to earn a Master’s Degree. His personal conviction is that each of us has a power hidden within, something that can get us through any kind of adversity. He compared this ability to the simple act of flipping a light-switch off, and then on. In the action of flipping the switch lies our mental power to choose, strengthen, overcome, and build our lives. 

When it comes to mental strength, I like the imagery of a children’s toy…an inflated clown punching bag. It tilts further toward the ground the harder it’s hit, but comes back to an upright position. We have the capacity to do that. Our children do too.

Click on the link below and watch this inspiring video of tremendous will and mental strength:

The Most Incredible Final Lap in Olympic Marathon History

This link suggests three ways to help kids become mentally strong.

How to Raise Mentally Strong Kids

  • 1. Help them learn to control their emotions so their emotions don’t control them

  • 2. Show them how to take positive action.

  • 3. Teach them to replace negative thoughts with more realistic thoughts

Whatever it is that is hard, we can get through it, and teach our children important life and learning skills as we learn together and practice the habits that build mental strength.

Thanks for all you do every day! Your strength and efforts inspire me!

Additional Resources:

*Important note: In the case of heavy anxiety or lingering depression, achieving mental health and strength may require the aid of a physician.

~Kim Goates

  Executive Director

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