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Junior High

Pleasant Grove 588 W 3300 N, Pleasant Grove

South Jordan 10504 South Redwood Rd, South Jordan 84095

Exciting News!

Hybrid Elementary locations 24/25

Pleasant Grove 588 W 3300 N, Pleasant Grove

South Jordan 10504 South Redwood Rd, South Jordan 84095

Salt Lake City  350 South 400 East, Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Tooele 349 North 7th Street

Springville – we no longer have a physical location, but we are providing one bus pickup in Springville to bring students to PG for Epic and Innovations/Discovery

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Micro schools

We are now offering free micro schools through Canyon Grove Academy.

Lindon (full)

Tooele (full)


Hybrid Highschool – Early College

We are so excited to announce our Hybrid Highschool.  We have all been waiting for this one and didn’t anticipate it would happen until next year.

It has been absolutely crazy watching it all fall into place!

While this program is new to us it isn’t a pilot program.  It is a proven program.

Our small pods of 15 students will gather twice a week with 2 tutors and an online UVU instructor.

Additional tutoring is available as needed.

All pods will gather for additional fun activities, expanding your friend circle :).

This provides our students with all the things they have been asking for –

tuition free college, rich academics, fun activities and gathering with friends.

Let us know where you would like your pod!

P.S Pods are already forming in Salem and Lehi.

Complete this form or simply call of text Alexis at 801 836 4161

Here is Alexis with a quick video with information about the program.

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Respectful  Responsible and Ready

At Canyon Grove Academy we believe that education is more than just academic progress.

We believe in teaching the whole child.

Our Leadership program and our goat mascots, Respectful, Responsible and Ready help us learn to “Lead with Light”

I Am Respectful in my words actions and relationships

I Am Responsible to do my best and be my best

I Am Ready to work, learn, and grow.

  1. Seize the Day! – I live mindfully in the present
  2. Own It! – I am responsible for how I act, no matter how I feel.
  3. Words Have Power – I think before I speak
  4. Commit! – I commit to work toward achieving my goals and dreams
  5. Failure Leads to Success – I learn from my mistakes
  6. Honesty is the Best Policy – When I have integrity there’s nothing to fear because I have nothing to hide.
  7. Be Open to Change – My way is not the only way.
  8. Balance – I develop healthy habits and build healthy relationships.
  9. Anything is Possible – I can work hard, dream big, and live a wonderful life.

I Show I’m A Leader By Being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready.

Our leadership studies help students to learn how their brain works, teaches them some learning tricks and even helps students train the brain to work more effectively.  Each guidepost is represented through song to help our students remember and take to heart the guideposts and what they represent.

Based upon a foundation of literature and using several other tools of learning including biographies, quotations & discussions, mindfulness exercises, Growth Mindset principles, movement, music, and learning games, our students explore each of these statements and look at how they apply them in their lives. We end the year with the final concept: Anything is Possible. I Will Discover & Create My Best Self to launch them into a summer of discovery and fun.

Click on the links to listen to our Lead with Light music.

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