Avoiding Mom (Parent) Burnout

Moms are amazing women who are committed to the success of their children.  They often have incredible drive and tend to forget themselves as they strive to care for those around them.  Typically when a mom takes on educating their kids at home they don’t give up something, they just add education to the list.  The normal busy life of a woman is compounded not only by the need to spend time educating, but simply by the fact that there are extra bodies in the house ALL day. Children who continue to make messes, eat food and have other needs.  There seems to be no end to the daily “To do” list.


Signs of burnout.  I am not an expert (that’s my disclaimer), but I have seen burnout rear its ugly head in lots of different ways. Potential “burnout” signs: lack of patience, the feeling of dread or panic when it comes to homeschooling, overwhelm, exhaustion, lack of joy, or confusion as to why you started homeschooling in the first place 🙂  


January is the perfect month to slow down the pace and take a little time to enjoy life and avoid burnout.  


Don’t worry about falling behind. When you return to your routine you will ALL be invigorated and refreshed.  This extra vigor will get you right back on track in no time. It is better to take the time to take care of yourself BEFORE you are forced into slowing down due to illness caused by burnout.  


Let go of the guilt.  If your guilty conscience is the driving force behind your day, it is probably time to take a break.  Being a Homeschool mom is hard. If you are not enjoying school, chances are your kids aren’t either.  Give yourself permission to relax and play. Remember you kept your kids at home because you love them. Taking time to enjoy them will help them be more successful and it will remind you of the love behind why you are doing this in the first place.


Trust me, the kids will also benefit from a happier, healthier mom who is excited to teach.


Fun things to do when feeling burnout



Turn up the music and dance in the kitchen.  If the kids won’t dance with you, (invite me over I will :)) at the very least, they will know that mom knows how to have fun.  You may find out years from now that they were secretly watching and practicing your signature moves behind closed doors.



Nothing soothes the soul quite like creating something out of nothing.  Youtube is a create source for free art instruction or simply get out the paints and create with the kids.


Get outside

Build a snowman all by yourself :).  Send me a picture! Take a walk or go for a drive.



A great way to enjoy your kids is to play games with them.  Build a fort and become a princess for the day. Make sure the kids know YOU are the princess and they should cater to your every need.  Play a board game (warning – they may be accidentally educational).


Declutter or Rearrange

A learning house is often a messy house.  Taking time to declutter and/or rearrange can be refreshing and relaxing.  Organizing your homeschool resources and changing your routine is a great way to reconnect with your excitement to learn together.


Read a Book

I challenge you to read a book that ISN’T self-help, educational, parenting or homeschooling.  LOL! I struggle with that one too. Find something that you can get lost in or wrap up in a blanket with the kids and read together.



Leave the world behind and escape to a movie, yes in a theater.  It is good for the brain to forget it all for a while.


Whatever you do, be kind to YOU.  You are the very best thing in the lives of your children.  To be the best you, it takes kindness and care. Wrap your arms around yourself and give YOU a big hug.  You ARE doing a great job! And you are enough!


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