Epic days consist of multi aged classes that means that students are grouped youngest to oldest with similar-aged peers.  The classes are called Aspen, Birch, Cedar and Oak.  The day starts with a lesson on Leadership, followed by our History-based themed lessons which include Stem, Social Studies, Art, Literature studies and Science. We focus on project-based, interactive and engaging lessons that promote critical thinking and discussion.


Our leadership studies help students to learn how their brain works, teaches them some learning tricks and even helps students train the brain to work more effectively.  Each guidepost is represented through song to help our students remember and take to heart the guideposts and what they represent.

The school mascots Respectful, Responsible and Ready lead the way through our guidepost themes.

I Am Respectful in my words actions and relationships

I Am Responsible to do my best and be my best

I Am Ready to work, learn, and grow.

  1. Seize the Day! – I live mindfully in the present
  2. Own It! – I am responsible for how I act, no matter how I feel.
  3. Words Have Power – I think before I speak
  4. Commit! – I commit to work toward achieving my goals and dreams
  5. Failure Leads to Success – I learn from my mistakes
  6. Honesty is the Best Policy – When I have integrity there’s nothing to fear because I have nothing to hide.
  7. Be Open to Change – My way is not the only way.
  8. Balance – I develop healthy habits and build healthy relationships.
  9. Anything is Possible – I can work hard, dream big, and live a wonderful life.

I Show I’m A Leader By Being Respectful, Responsible, and Ready.

Based upon a foundation of literature and using several other tools of learning including biographies, quotations & discussions, mindfulness exercises, Growth Mindset principles, movement, music, and learning games, our students explore each of these statements and look at how they apply them in their lives. We end the year with the final concept: Anything is Possible. I Will Discover & Create My Best Self to launch them into a summer of discovery and fun.


Dive Deeper Sample

Each week we provide you with the highlights of what your child is learning during Epic day.  To continue the learning at home we also provide you with links to additional fun activities.  Help your students to find out more about these fascinating concepts–Go ahead and Dive Deeper!

Actual Dive Deeper lesson plans are found on your students CGA login page.

Week 26: March 8-12, 2021

Historical time period: Pre-Civil War


Guidepost: Balance! I develop healthy habits and build healthy relationships.

3R Connection: I am responsible to develop healthy habits that balance and strengthen my mind, my body, and my relationships with those I love.


  • America didn’t begin it’s colonization with slavery.  Indentured servants came to American to work off their travel debt but when there weren’t enough indentured servants, plantation owners in the south turned to slavery.
  • Slavery spread across the Southern US affecting all people of color.
  • The slavery issue finally came to a head when the US was no longer able to balance free and slave states coming into the Union and more and more people woke up the evils of slavery.
  • Writing an informative paper takes planning and thinking and can be fun!
  • The Underground Railroad helped slaves escape to the north.
  • Because written maps couldn’t be used, story quilts were used to show the way to freedom.
  • Making a map for someone is about clarity and detail.

Dive Deeper:

  • Heating and Cooling:  Try some of these fun heating and cooling experiments:
    • A great deal of music was created and passed through oral-tradition among the African Americans who lived in slavery. Listen and sing with some of these modern versions of songs that came from their folk culture and longing for freedom.