A Mother’s Sacrifice

I sent my daughter to kindergarten on the first day of school.  She did just fine, but I didn’t. She never went back. I loved every second I spent with my babies.  That particular baby is all grown up with three babies of her own. Her babies go to school in a “real” classroom.  I don’t begrudge that; everyone deserves to parent in the way that works for them. I love to see some families who send one child to a traditional school and keep another at home. I see in that a mother who is in tune to the needs of the individual. What a gift she is giving her children.  Recently, a dear friend who has homeschooled her children from the beginning told me that her four children will be trying out a full-time classroom experience next year. What a tough decision for a mom who has dedicated her life to educating her children at home. She will shed tears on their first day of school.  How brave to part with all four at once. She is giving them a wonderful gift, the ability to try something new even though it is hard and perhaps not what her heart desires. Sometimes our struggle is in holding on and sometimes it is in letting go. It is hard no matter which way you look at it. What a wonder being a parent is.   It is the ability to put your child’s needs ahead of your own, even though your heart may say “I want you by my side to educate you in love and joy at home”. Sometimes they need the experience of a classroom and sometimes they need to be at home. Don’t feel guilty moms, do what you know is right. Follow your instincts and trust that you know what is best for your babies. Motherhood is such an amazing thing!

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