Optimize Learning-Empower Skills

Optimize Learning-Empower Skills


Be Ready to Learn With a Positive Attitude

How we feel toward learning can be a lot more important than what we are actually learning about.  When we choose to have a positive attitude our minds open up and learning becomes easier.  A positive attitude helps us to feel more alert, thankful, happy, and ready to learn.  

We can have more hope, confidence, and energy with a great attitude.


If you are inside a pitch-black cave and flip on your headlamp the space becomes illuminated and bright.  This gives you the opportunity to explore.  Choosing a positive attitude is like flipping on your headlamp.  A negative attitude can leave you feeling grumpy, sad and simply not fun to be around.  

Negativity closes your mind and makes it hard to learn.

Grab a piece of paper and write down the letters for the word ATTITUDE.  Next, write down the number under each letter that names its position in the alphabet.  For example A would be number 1 because it is the first letter of the alphabet.  When you have all the numbers written down, add them up.  Use your sum to fill in the sentence below.


Choosing a positive attitude toward learning makes a ___________% difference. Attitude is everything!

If you need help, see this link:  It all adds up to ATTITUDE 

Choose to engage in learning with a positive attitude 

every day! 

You’ve GOAT this!


*Parents, here are some additional resource links to help empower your children in choosing a positive attitude:


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