Empower Your Child’s Goals and Dreams



“If you want children to continue dreaming to the moon and beyond, then dream with them, both by sharing your fervent dreams, and by diving heart first into their own.” ~ Vince Gowmon

When our children are young, they frequently explore new interests and possibilities through imaginary play. One day they may choose to be a firefighter, the next a bucking-bronco rider, and the next a hip-hop dancer. They have natural ingenuity that allows them to become whatever they can imagine as they play. It takes time, exposure, and trial and error for our children to really identify and grow into their more enduring passions. We know this about ourselves. As grown-ups we are still unveiling new dreams every day. The best we can do for our children is to provide a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for them to experiment in many different environments of possibility.


As our kids grow older, their signature dreams emerge out of what they are discovering about themselves, moving them towards what ignites their best energy and enthusiasm. When we support and facilitate our children discover their own passions and interests. We guide them to create their own pathways toward success and happiness and to achieve their dreams. 


Helping our children identify and pursue their own dreams doesn’t mean that we need to hold back when we share our own passions with them. In fact, some of our very best teachings will come out of sharing what we enjoy and value most with them. Whether it’s History, Fine Arts, Travel, Fitness, Cooking, or whatever.– We share joy as we share our own fire. Sharing our passions will allow them to see and feel what it means to really embrace something, to build, and to realize a dream. Our enthusiasm shared is contagious, and really energizes the quality of our child’s education journey.


How can we empower our children in attaining their dreams? 


Here are some basic steps to get started:

  1. Invite them to write down what they hope to achieve. 
  2. Have them print out images or create and display their own artwork of the achievement of their dream.
  3. Research together–all about the dream. 
  • What’s it going to take? 
    • Supplies, classes, sponsors, mentors, etc.
  • What are the essential resources, requirements, and steps to build and achieve this dream? 
  1. According to their age, assist them to make a plan of action with a timeline.
  • How long will it take? Hours, days, weeks, years…break it down into workable segments
  1. If applicable, make a chart or spreadsheet to track progress.
  2. Begin the joyful pursuit. Work with best effort.
  3. Parents-Be encouraging. Listen to their anxieties and concerns. Share the journey. Celebrate effort.


For more ideas, see these resources:



P.S –Keeping it real.: “I let my kids follow their dreams, unless I already paid the registration fee on their last dream, then they follow that for 6-8 more weeks.” -Petite Bello


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