Infinite Potential!

“The potential possibilities of any child are the most 

intriguing and stimulating in all creation.”


           Through-out history, children were often raised to learn, work, and duplicate the roles and occupations of their parents. Today, we raise our children to recognize that they have unique talents, aptitudes, and interests that can ultimately inspire their own life choices. It is a wondrous adventure for us and for our children to unveil, over time, who they really are, and all that they hope to be.

           We have the privilege of nurturing, educating, and growing with our precious children as they discover and develop their own special gifts and dreams; while guiding them, by example, to lead and live with genuine moral character and values. We seek to understand who our children are by observing things like the quality of their relationships, how they communicate, their dominant needs and interests, behavior and temperament, and expressed longings. 


Canyon Grove Academy is designed to support you and your child in this journey of individual discovery. When you complete your child’s S.E.P (Student Education Profile), you get to ponder and answer questions, like these:



  • Where does your child shine? 
  • What are his/her talents and accomplishments?
  • What does your child love? 
  • What are some of his/her interests?
  • How does your child learn best?
  • In which areas does he/she excel?
  • In which areas does your child need to focus and improve?
  • What methods work best for your child?
  • What are some specific academic goals for Math, Reading, Science, etc?



These questions are a great starting point for identifying “WHO IS MY CHILD?” Then, when our children know we truly believe in and love them for who they are, and that we are available for them as they grow in accountability, they will be able to do and to become all they hope to. We can cheer them on as we discover who they are and as they learn to share their own amazing light!


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