Define your “WHY”

Define Your “WHY”

We’re a few months into the new school year. We’re already experiencing and adjusting what is working well and  what is not. During these times it is important to remember  your “WHY”. 

Why are you doing what you do every day for your child? Knowing your “WHY” provides a strong foundation to rely upon during the hard days. Even more than that, knowing your “WHY” allows you to be energized and inspired as you support your child in their ongoing learning journey.

If you haven’t already defined your “WHY”, pause in your busy day.  Allow yourself to wonder, define, and write down the priorities and vision for this year in your child’s life.

Additionally, help your child consider and identify their own “WHY” for their learning journey. This will help your child be more personally accountable, and allow them to see their progress. Put their “WHY” up where it can be easily seen and referred to. It can be displayed as a written statement, or a vision board (see below for ideas).  On days when your child forgets and asks, “Why do I have to?”…refer them to their own “WHY”.  Study, practice, and hard work can be transformed into enthusiastic effort toward their unique dreams and future possibilities. 

When we define and remember our “WHY”, the work of it becomes fused with commitment and ability. 

There’s no stopping us when our daily efforts are based on loving vision and personal goals filled with meaningful purpose!

Additional Resources:

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