Conscious Parenting


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I first heard of the term conscious parenting when I heard Dr. Shafli speak at Lewis Howes’ Summit of Greatness a few years ago.

Ever since, I have been fascinated with the concept and have loved learning more about her philosophies on parenting.

Before I introduce you to conscious parenting, let’s look at the word conscious a little closer.

Some of the suggested definitions are:

-aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake
-having knowledge of something; aware
-painfully aware of; sensitive to
-concerned with or worried about a particular matter
-deliberate or intentional

What would our parenting look like if we were aware, awake, sensitive and intentional?

Personally, as I’ve worked on applying the principles of conscious parenting, my relationship with my children has improved.

I’m not perfect and it takes intentional, consistent effort, but that is why it is a journey and not a destination.

I invite you to consider the concept of conscious parenting and, if it aligns with your values and your family philosophies, learn more about it and apply what works for your family.

“A conscious parent does not look for answers externally; they look for answers to whatever problem they are facing internally. Instead of looking out or blaming their child, they look at their own behaviors.

Conscious parenting is learned through the actual experience of relating to our children by establishing an authentic connection. It requires the full participation of the parent.

A conscious parent moves away from trying to “fix” their child and begins the difficult process of having to change themselves first. They use the present moment as a living laboratory because everyday interactions have the potential to teach valuable lessons.

The conscious parenting journey is an ongoing journey filled with beautiful lessons, real connections, and continuous growth.” -Dr. Shefali

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