Lexile Levels

What is a Lexile level?

Lexile levels describe both the difficulty of text and the ability of an individual reader.  For example a text may be determined to be at a lexile level of 550. Students should be reading books that range from 100 L below and 50 L over the student’s Lexile level.  

How will parents know what their student’s Lexile level is?

Lexile levels are measured by DIBELS and NWEA assessments.  Your ES can communicate to you what your student’s Lexile level is during your monthly meeting and when you receive assessment results.

How do use the Lexile levels once I know it?

You can help your student find “right fit” books by using the Lexile level at libraries, Scholastic book orders, non-fiction articles, online or Raz-Kids. For example, I used the AR Bookfinder tool and got 6 PAGES of book suggestions by doing the following advanced search:

  • Lexile Level 450-500 range
  • Interest Level: Middle Grades 4-8
  • Topic:  Adventure

How do Lexile levels correspond with grade levels?

A Lexile level refers to reading ability, not grade or age levels.  However, there are typical levels within each grade level. The chart below can help parents know understand expected reading proficiencies.

More information: https://lexile.com/educators/understanding-lexile-measures/about-lexile-measures-for-reading/

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