Calm in the Storm


When things going on in the world around us are uncertain and out of our control, it is very easy to find ourselves in worry, fear and anxiety. We are human beings with a full range of emotions so that just means we are normal.

I’ve been thinking about this and about what my children and all children need right now and I think what they need is a feeling of peace and safety when things feel unknown and, perhaps, scary.

Brene Brown has said that “who we are and how we engage with the world are much stronger predictors of how our children will do, than what we know about parenting.” I feel like this is especially applicable with what is going on in our world and lives right now. As a parent, who you are and how you respond to this challenge will have a greater impact on how your children will do during crisis than what you know about parenting.

What are your actions showing them?

What are your words teaching them?

What do they hear you saying about everything that is going on?

We get to be the calm in the storm for our children.

This is also why it is so important that as parents and caregivers, you are taking care of yourself.

Ask yourself what is it that you need to do for you in order to be the calm, the peace, the voice of reason and hope for your children.

Get plenty of rest.

Eat the healthiest food that you can given the circumstances.

Limit caffeine intake as that can contribute to greater anxiety.

Move your body.


Know what things work for you to bring calm when you are anxious or worried.

And when you are worried or scared or anxious or overwhelmed yourself, reach out and ask for support.

We don’t have to go through this alone.

Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation.

As human beings, we are wired for connection.

And we are blessed to live in a time that technology allows us so many ways and opportunities to connect even when we are practicing social distancing in our homes.

Know that we are thinking of you and your children during this time and wish you peace and health and happiness amidst the uncertainty.

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