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Parent and community volunteers are essential to the success of charter schools.  Volunteering provides an opportunity for parents to be involved directly in the classroom, for parents and members of the community to share valuable skills, such as technology, fundraising, or event planning, and it allows the school to grow with the contributions and input of our parents and families.

Canyon Grove’s charter outlines that each family will volunteer at least 40 hours each school year.

This page outlines:

  • How do I volunteer?
  • Do I need to get a background check?
  • How do I get my background check on file with the school?
  • What opportunities are there for me to volunteer?
  • How do I track my hours towards my yearly commitment of 40 hours?

Do I need to get a background check?

Utah State law requires that any volunteers who will have “unsupervised access” to students must be fingerprinted and complete a criminal background check.  This means if you’re planning to volunteer in the classroom, be a chaperone on a field trip, or any other activity where you could be with students without the teacher or principal there, you must complete a background check.

If you haven’t completed your background check yet, you can still volunteer, but you will always need to have a teacher present (for example, the teacher wouldn’t be able to take a bathroom break while you read a book to the class) or the activities would need to be unrelated to supervising students (such as serving on a committee.)

How do I get my background check on file with the school?

Utah State law has changed and as of the 2015-16 school year, all background checks must follow a new process.  This means that any background checks completed prior to Sept 2015 will no longer satisfy State law, however, any new background check that follows this process is a “lifetime” check and will not need to be renewed each year.

Background checks are $50.75, which is to be paid by the volunteer.  

Steps to follow

  1. The front office will accept payment and provide you an authorization form with instructions.
  2. Take the authorization form to Freedom Prep Academy (1761 W 820 N, Provo) between 8:15 am and 3:30 pm Mon-Fri to obtain your fingerprints.
  3. Be sure to take a valid Driver’s License or State ID and plan on it taking 40 mins.
  4. Return the completed fingerprinting forms to the Canyon Grove front office
  5. The front office will notify you when the background check has been completed and is on file.

What opportunities are there for me to volunteer?

There are a number of ways to get involved.

  • Check with the PTO or Teacher for volunteer opportunities 

You may even see a way you can contribute that isn’t on the list of opportunities – speak up and tell us!  Here are some (fictitious) examples of parent involvement, if you don’t see something on the lists above for you:

  • Mary’s mother volunteers for 20 minutes each morning in the library before she goes to work. She sorts and shelves books, mends book bindings, etc.
  • Paulo’s dad goes on monthly field trips.
  • Wendell has an 8th grade son at the school and serves on the School Board.
  • Denise, plays the piano during the school melodrama.
  • Kio, the mother of two students volunteers during lunch every Monday and Wednesday. She supervises on the playground for 15 minutes and then eats with her children.
  • Kalisha’s father spent two hours each month volunteering on the Curriculum Steering Committee. The committee presented recommendations for the implementation of a new science program to the Board.
  • Alan’s older sister is a college freshman with a goal of becoming a teacher. She volunteers every day in Alan’s kindergarten classroom.
  • Dakota, a student’s grandmother, brings her photography to show the art classes.
  • Tia Graciella, Barbara’s aunt, teaches a parent education class on Thursday sharing tips for parents helping their children with homework.
  • Christian works two jobs and cannot volunteer any time, however she asks if she can provide the tablecloths for the Spring Gala fundraiser.
  • The Johannes Family spends four hours on the first Saturday of each month, weeding the school gardens.
  • Mrs. Barlow, a retired teacher and grandmother of a fourth grader, tutors students once a week in Algebra.

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