What is a Smartlab?

Students explore. They problem-solve. They collaborate and create.  And they learn.

We are pleased to announce that the FIRST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL SMART LAB in the State of Utah is NOW available, ONLY for our CGA students! Our Smart Lab is a learning environment where everything from the furniture and technology to curriculum and assessment works together to support hands-on, minds-on learning. It’s a place where personalized learning and intrinsic motivation engage students of all ages, interests, and abilities.

And in every session, students are creating remarkable projects that motivate them to inquire, explain, tackle new problems and celebrate their solutions.

It’s what happens when we put educational technology where it belongs…in the hands of students.

Technology has changed but the guiding principle remains the same – put technology in the hands of students and empower them to create, explore and invent. Our SmartLab provides a wide range of resources including:

  • 3D printing
  • Robotics
  • 3D carving
  • Circuitry and microelectronics
  • Game design
  • Animation
  • Digital graphics
  • Video production
  • Website creation
  • Machine construction
  • Bridges and structures
  • Solar energy
  • Wind turbines
  • Digital home design

 “From the moment kids and adults walk in the door, they realize that there is something special about our room. Everywhere they look, everywhere they move they are surrounded by resources that promote inquiry and authentic learning. Whether it is building and programming robots, making music and videos, or developing portfolios of academic and extracurricular activities; learning is always  taking place.

 Moreover, learners are always sharing their knowledge and skills. It is in our nature to want to learn and teach each other and that is what will help us solve our local and global issues of today and the future.

 I consider my role as SmartLab Facilitator to be the person responsible for drawing in each and every stakeholder (students, parents, staff, administrators, the community) and helping them find a reason to stay engaged in education.

 By providing a high-quality education we can hope to achieve a better world.”

-Debbie Cluff, Smart Lab Facilitator

“We want kids who can collaborate, who can communicate, who can problem solve. These are the types of skills that the Smart lab require of our students.”

Becky PiliOnsite Director, Canyon Grove Academy

Students who typically struggle suddenly become engaged and their true potential in education bursts out and my Mid-level students start pursuing more challenging, higher level thinking work. And our high achievers? They simply soar.”

Debbie CluffUtah’s Smart Lab Facilitator, Canyon Grove Academy

“I would never consider taking my child out of Canyon Grove Academy. I can’t afford for my two children to miss out on learning new next generation skills for the upcoming job markets.”

Bobbi LongParent of CGA student

“The majority of the students who enter a SmartLab leave every day because they have to, not because they want to.”

Bill GilmoreDistrict STEM Coordinator & Facilitator, Englewood Schools

Check out these videos from our Smartlab Students!

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