Our apologies! Due to COVID-19, we are not holding in-person Epic Days at this location until further notice.

Tuesday Eagle Mountain 

9:00 am – 3:15 pm

Gotta Dance, 4038 North Ira Hodges Scenic Parkway, Eagle Mountain, Utah 84005

Our multi-age classes are small classes of around 18 students. The students are grouped youngest to oldest in a class with similar-aged peers with a tree name: Aspen, Birch, Cedar, and Oak. The themed lessons are History-based and include STEM Activities, Science, Social Studies, Art and Literature studies.  We focus on engaging, interactive, project-based lessons that promote critical thinking and discussion. We are teaching Utah State standards with hands-on fun.

Education Specialist

Stefenie Stocks graduated from BYU with her BA in Elementary Education. After teaching with Alpine School District for several years, she returned to school to receive her MA in Family and Child Development from ASU. Since then, Stefenie has worked as an Educational Specialist with Canyon Grove Academy. In her free time, Stefenie enjoys traveling with her family, taking her two kids on fun adventures, going for walks, and watching movies with her husband.

Email: stefenie.stocks@canyongrove.com 

Office Hours:  9am-4pm, M-F

School Calendar

Collaborative Teacher

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Epic Day Aide- Aspen

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Epic Day Aide- Birch

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Education Specialists serve as a guide and support throughout the education process. Families meet with their Educational Specialist regularly to discuss student as they progress toward their goals.  Please keep in mind that this communication with your ES is essential and a requirement for participation in this program. Please show that you value our program by having a truly effective conversation about the academic progress of your student with your Educational Specialist.


At the beginning of the school year, you will create an individualized Student Education Plan (SEP) with your Education Specialist. Your student’s SEP will outline the curriculum your student will be using and your goals for the school year. In addition you will meet regularly with your ES to collaborate on student academic growth and course completion.

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