Esther Cox has an ingrained ambition to learn, even though she could be up to her elbows in dirt or reading a boring textbook, she still loves the challenge.

Esther has been involved in agriculture since a child, but not raised on a farm. She grew her very first garden on her own at 14 years old. She is easily captivated by animals, and would take them all home if she could. She has often felt that she was born 100 years too late.

She creates an environment that encourages students’ learning while they are developing excitement for things that are taught by past generations. She cannot help but share her passion for History!

Esther also has a background in project management. She has managed many professionals’ projects, including a dental lab and even ran a 49,000 sq ft house for several years. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 7 kids, but most of all loves the time with her 3 grandkids! She also enjoys reading, being creative, and being outdoors.