Lesson Plans

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Curriculum and Resources

Please call (801-785-9300) or email (brooke.larsen@canyongrove.com) the resource library ahead of your arrival so that Brooke can be certain your materials are ready and downstairs.

When you arrive, please call the school (801-785-9300) and you can pick up materials curb-side.


We have thousands of pins available for you on our Pinterest account.

There are lots of fun ideas of simple educational activities to do at home. Fun topics include, art, science, exercise, parenting, kids cooking, emotional health, history, math.

Two New Discovery Day Options

We miss seeing you and are excited to announce two new options for students to connect, try new things and have fun together every week hosted by our Discovery Day team that replaces the Discovery session that was canceled with the school dismissal order. Join us starting the week of April 6th (yep, even during Spring Break) to the end of the dismissal.

Let’s Connect!

Let’s Connect! is our weekly online meeting via Zoom and a chance to connect with fellow students and mentors. Let’s Connect! is about fun, movement, goals, accountability and a break for caregivers that will last about one hour each week. Please join us on the day of the week that you regularly attended Discovery Days at 11:00 am or 1:00 pm, whichever time works best for your schedule that day. No registration required. Just hop on Zoom with the link posted on our password protected site. Look for the email from your teacher with that information.

FlipGrid Challenges:

Can you hold a pole in both hands and twist it around your body without letting go? Let’s find out? Join the appropriate FlipGrid posted on our password protected site to join the challenge of the day. New challenges will be posted M-F each week. Student’s will record a short video of themselves doing the challenge or talking about the results. Links to FlipGrid groups are posted on our password protected site. Look for the email from your teacher with that information.

Free Online Software


Free children’s books to listen to.


Downloadable print and go activities.

Breakout EDU

Online games for all grades in math, science, language arts, art, physical education, and seasonal.

Science, math, social studies, and photography videos and lesson plans.

Activities and games to learn grammar for various foreign languages.

Videos in 13 subject areas for middle school students.

Learning Apps
Interactive learning apps to help with studying terms and concepts.

Mystery Science
Open and go science lessons and videos for K-5.

PBSLearning Media
Videos, lessons, and interactive activities for students in preschool through high school that are all aligned to the state standards.

Spanish lessons and concepts taught through music.

Jr high and high school lessons for social studies, science, math, language arts, and spanish.

Lesson plans and typing practice to learn strokes and skills on the keyboard.

Educational games and activities in a variety of subjects.

Learn a foreign language.

American Sign Language

Khan Academy
Math for K-12




Nasa Science
Explore our solar system.

Free Access During School Closures

The following educational resources temporarily do not require an account. Just click the link to begin using the sources available!

Three hours of free daily online lessons, books, videos, and activities.

Storyline Online
A site that has videos of celebrities reading children’s books. Each book includes a
parent/teacher guide.

PBS Learning
Videos for students from a variety of subjects including math, language arts, science, and social studies. With lesson support materials for parents.

National Geographic Kids:
Games, videos, quizzes, and fun facts for students to use as they explore various science and social studies topics.

Games for holidays, math, grammar, and phonics skills sorted by grade level.

Games, videos, and books for kids sorted by grade level.

Highlights Kids
Recipes, crafts, podcasts, games and videos for kids.

ABC Mouse
For kids ages 2-8. Over 850 lessons and 8,000 learning activities. Books, games, videos, music, places to explore, and art projects.

A place for kids to ask questions and find answers to everyday questions. Includes different exploratory options through videos, texts, vocabulary lists, quizzes, and games.

Go Noodle
Fitness, balance, and mindfulness videos.

YouTube: Art Hub for Kids
Drawing how-to videos.

YouTube: Wild Free and Crafty:
Step by step art lessons for kids in a variety of art mediums.

Dr Seuss books, character studies, games, and videos.

Pobble 365:
Imaginative pictures and grammar activities to help spark creative writing and the expansion of ideas. One new picture with correlating activities is given every day. Age specific writing activities are available through subscription.

Virtual Field Trip Experiences

Please be advised that currently we haven’t had time to vett everything in this section.

Utah Lake Virtual

Utah Lake Curriculum

San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo has a website just for kids with amazing videos, activities, and games. Enjoy the tour!


Tour Yellowstone National Park!

Mud Volcano, Mammoth Hot Springs, and so much more.


Explore the surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover.

They are updating from WEBVR to WEBXR now, but 360 Mode offers a digital view!

Animal Cameras

Live Cams at the San Diego Zoo

Monterey Bay Aquarium live cams

Panda Cam at Zoo Atlanta

6 Animal Cams at Houston Zoo

Georgia Aquarium has Jellyfish, Beluga Whales, and more

Virtual Farm Tours

This Canadian site FarmFood 360 offers

11 Virtual Tours of farms from minks, pigs, and cows, to apples and eggs.

Space and Rocket Museum

See the Saturn 5 Rocket on YouTube and more on this tour thanks to a real father/son outing.

Discovery Education

A few of the field trip topics include

 Polar Bears and the Tundra

 Social Emotional Skills



The Louvre

Travel to Paris, France to see amazing works of art at The Louvre with this virtual field trip.

The Great Wall of China

This Virtual Tour of the Great Wall of China is beautiful and makes history come to life.

Boston Children’s Museum

Walk through the Boston Children’s Museum thanks to Google Maps!

This virtual tour allows kids to explore 3 floors of fun.

White House

Get even more up close to this magnificent building than in-person tourists with a virtual tour of the White House. See a 360-degree view of more than a dozen rooms (that are not on the official tour).

The Pyramids

There are so many ways to tour The Pyramids.  Enjoy this site that contains all the links.

The Liberty Bell

As children learn the concept of patriotism, representation of it is the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. when you send them on a virtual field trip to the Liberty Bell. Look at photos, learn facts and see a 360-degree panoramic view of the Liberty Bell from all angles.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Take a virtual field trip through the halls to see this beautiful museum and some of its massive exhibits.

The Great Wall of China

If you can’t walk The Great Wall of China with your students, explore it online. The Great Wall of China virtual tour shows you a 360-degree view as if you were standing on the wall yourself.

The Grand Canyon

The next three virtual field trips are perfect tie-ins to when you’re learning about Mother Nature. View one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Tour the 277 miles of the Grand Canyon through the National Park Service’s website.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

A Facebook Live event each weekday at 1pm MST. One amazing animal will be showcased each day along with an activity you can do from home.

Art Galleries

Links to Virtual Tours of over 500 Art Galleries

Downloadable coloring pages from over 100 museums. (Please note that not all of the museum links/tours may be child appropriate. We have not vetted them.)


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