All ILC students are required to wear the ILC t-shirt as part of the dress code. This week a few students did not wear the t-shirt. Beginning next week, students who do not wear the t-shirt will need to call their parents and have their ILC t-shirt brought to the school. The t-shirt is an important way the CGA team distinguishes between ILC students and their normal onsite students, who have different class schedules. 

As a reminder, the academic calendar at CGA and LAU conflict a couple of times this year. Below you can find the dates where a conflict exists and see whether ILC classes will be held. 

Tues Dec 17 – Yes ILC class held

March 17th & 19th – No online classes.  ILC will be held.

April 7th & 9th – Online classes will be held.  No ILC.


Courses Offered (Fall 2019)

All ILC classes are offered in-person

Grades 6/7 Core: STEM 6/7 CLeadership 6/7 C

Grade 8 Core: STEM 8Leadership 8

Grade 9 Core: Earth SciencePersonal Leadership

Media Arts (with Jennylynn Diesen)
Students in this course will explore and play with watercolor, acrylic, pencils, markers, clay and more! Along the way, they’ll create projects such as a landscape painting, pottery, sculptures, and claymation. Students’ will also enhance their drawing skills by learning how to sketch faces, one or two-point perspective drawings, still-life drawings, landscapes, and visual illusions. Jennylynn will introduce students to great artists from history including Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, Escher, and others.

Engineering Principles 1 (with Debbie Cluff)
Whether your student is interested in digital media, robotics, software engineering or alternative and renewable energy, this class will take their learning to the next level. Students in this class will tackle fun and open-ended projects, often using multiple technologies. They’ll get to explore circuitry (including electricity and electromagnets), computer graphics (including Photoshop and 3D design), web development, mechanics and machinery, robotics, app development, and more!

Electives rotation (includes Space Simulator, Life Skills, and PE)

  1. Space Simulator – In this elective, students will join us on the bridge of Canyon Grove’s cutting-edge starship simulator! In the process, they’ll learn the STEM-related concepts they need to succeed in challenging missions that require teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking to save the universe.
  2. Life Skills – Students in this class will develop practical life skills and gain exposure to a variety of projects that help them prepare for adulthood. Projects include cooking, sewing, changing the oil in a vehicle, changing tires on a vehicle, and completing minor home repairs (like fixing a leaky faucet).
  3. PE – In this class, students will play games, sports, and do exercises that invigorate their bodies and minds. They’ll level up their teamwork and leadership skills along the way.

Junior High Admin – Jason Hansen

As your student embarks on their educational journey, you want to know they’re supported by a mentor who knows how to guide them. Jason is that mentor. In his own words, “Leadership is about self-discovery and bringing others with you on that journey. It is about inspiring others, it is about embracing change, it is seeking inspiration and following that inspiration to the best of your ability and beyond.”

Although not a native of Southern Utah, Jason (Mr. Hansen) spent most of his life amongst the red rocks of Utah’s Dixie and caught the theater bug while attending Dixie High School in St George. He attended Dixie College on scholarship where he was actively involved in all aspects of the theater both on and off stage, earning his associate of arts degree with an emphasis in theater and the performing arts. Jason served an LDS Church Mission in Estonia. Jason Graduated from Dixie State College with two bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Social Sciences Secondary Education and later a Master’s Degree in Education Administration through Southern Utah University. Jason worked as a Teacher for over 18 years in both the private and public sectors including charter schools and Private Therapeutic Boarding Schools. Additionally, he operates a business as an independent consultant for the residential building industry. Jason has been married for 19 years and has 5 children. Their family enjoys singing, performing, hiking and camping throughout Utah.


Site Coordinator – Jodi Burnett

Hello everyone! I am Jodi Burnett, the new PG ILC site-coordinator and I’m so excited to be part of the Williamsburg family.

The last two years I have spent time working with distance schoolers at Canyon Grove Academy; first as a teacher, then as the curriculum developer for their Epic Day program.

I learned of Williamsburg about four years ago when researching homeschooling curriculum. The idea of students being in charge of their own education is very important to me so I was thrilled to finally find a school that empowered their students in that way.
Since the time I enrolled my daughter two years ago, I’ve continued to be impressed by the uplifting mentors and the leadership skills I have seen developing in her schooling and everyday life.
We Burnett’s are a family of six with four children aged 16, 14, 11, & 7, two of which are “burgers” attending the ILC program.
My favorite hobby is reading, but our family also loves to spend time vacationing in Saint George, Utah, hiking and biking through the red rock canyons.
Thank you for letting me be part of your team, I can’t wait to meet all of you!


More information about ILC’s

McKenzie Stock

Science/STEM Mentor

As your student embarks on their educational journey, you want to find them a mentor who is passionate about their subject and skilled at guiding youth. McKenzie is that mentor. She has taught in numerous settings, including outdoor environmental education, alternative high school, elementary school, English as a second language, and special education.

As a science mentor, McKenzie understands the importance of creating an environment of growth and progression for her students. In her own words, “To facilitate growth in youth is an incredible honor, and I aspire to propel students towards their best in every context.” McKenzie graduated from Hope College with degrees in Geology, Spanish, and Philosophy.

Jennylynn Diesen

Art Mentor

Jennylynn loves helping students express themselves through the arts. She also loves seeing how art helps students succeed in other subjects and areas of their lives. She keeps a quote from Vincent Van Gough (her favorite artist) on her classroom wall: “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” You can find some of Jennylynn’s murals on display at Canyon Grove Academy.

Jennylynn holds a bachelor’s degree from Southern Utah University and an art endorsement from the state of Utah. Prior to teaching, she had twelve years of experience as an interior designer, stager, canvas artist, and muralist in Washington, Arizona, and Utah.

Debbie Cluff

Engineering/SmartLab Mentor

Debbie is passionate about helping youth make the most of their potential. She is an educator, author, entrepreneur, wife and mother. Debbie has written books, hosted talk radio shows, coached high school cheerleading, been a successful blogger, and designed and built her own websites. She’s spent more than fifteen years teaching and coaching young minds and is excited to work with your student.

Born and raised in Pasadena, California, Debbie graduated from California State University Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a master’s in Elementary Education. She has three teenagers and an amazing husband who keep her smiling. Her favorite thing to do is sit at the pool and drink a Diet Coke.


Choices for 7th and 8th-grade curriculum can be found here.

Dress Code

Innovative Learning Center

The students are required to wear a ILC T-shirt.  The shirt is $7.50 and is available for purchase at CGA.  We have found that proper dress and grooming positively affect the behavior of students, so we would like them to look neat and clean. We also want all toes to stay safe! Shoes must cover the entire foot and be worn in and outside the school. No Heelys are permitted. Students should not wear hats inside the school, but they can wear hats outside, so long as we can see their faces.

Discovery Day 

Discovery Day T-shirts can be purchased at the front office.  They are $6 each and are required for all students and volunteers attending Discovery Day activities.

Discovery Days

Jr High students are invited to join our K-6 students during our weekly Discovery Days activities.

Discovery Day T-shirts can be purchased at the front office.  They are $6 each and are required for all students and volunteers attending Discovery Day activities.

Signups for Discovery Day are posted here prior to each session.

When our Discovery Days are held at Canyon Grove Academy drop off is at 11:50 am and pick up is at 2:30 pm at the school. It is very important that you pick up students on time so we do NOT interfere with the dismissal and pick up of onsite students.

When students are being bused from Pleasant Grove to an offsite location drop off  at 11:20 am and pick- up will be at 3:00 pm at Manila Creek Park in the parking lot of the park on the corner of 3300 N and 900 W by the pavilion. Enter the parking lot on 900 W.

If you miss the bus you are responsible for your student’s transportation. DO NOT stop the bus if it is pulling out and you are late. If the bus is moving you have missed it and need to transport your students to the location. If they miss the bus one direction they can still ride the bus back.   More info

Drop-off: Canyon Grove Academy, 588 West 3300 North, Pleasant Grove UT 84062

Pick-up: Manila Creek Park (park by the school) 3300 North 900 West Use parking lot entrance on 900 W and park by the pavilion. (for offsite activities ONLY)