Fall Schedule Overview

Classes will begin September 11, 12 and 13th.

*If you have any questions please contact Danyelle. (danyelle.bado@canyongrove.com)



Soccer 4th-8th grade



Hannah’s Sweets and Treats Kinder-6th Grade

Basketball Camp 3rd – 6th Grade

Magic 2nd – 8th Grade



Spanish K-8th Grade

Dr. Nedley’s Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

We are excited to have Karen Welsh come teach parents about Depression and Anxiety from Dr. Nedley. She has offered this class for free to a service to our community. If you or your child(ren) suffer from either or both of these, this is the class for you!

Class will start October 3, 2018 run for 8 weeks

Time: 3:00-4:30pm

At Canyon Grove Academy


Soccer Tuesday 4th-8th Grade

Come join Quinlan and her fantastic footing to learn the game of Soccer! She will be teaching the basics skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and good sportsmanship!

Classes start September 11 (8 weeks)

Ages 4th grade – 8th grade

Time 3:20-4:20

Price $20.00 per student

Instructor: Quinlan Thompson

Hannah’s Sweets and Treats!

This extracurricular after school will allow your children to learn how to make treats from scratch with items from your own kitchen!

Classes start Wednesday September 12 3:20-4:20pm for 6 weeks

Kinder -6th grade

Price $55.00

Instructor Hannah Means

Basketball Camp

3rd to 6th Graders come join Miss Savannah for Basketball Camp. At basketball camp we will be learning how to dribble and shoot as well as other technical skills that are used in basketball. After building up these skills the students will be put in teams and we will have a tournament against each other.

Starting Wednesdays, September 12


$35.00 (includes a T-Shirt)


Come learn beginning Spanish,  and about the Latin American culture (and try some foods!!!).

This class will be held on Thursdays for 12 weeks, starting September 13th.

K-8th Grade


Instructor Clarissa Morris


“Join Magician Jason Fun from Utah Valley Magic Academy and his wacky and original characters, Grant Yurwish the retired Genie, Tic-Toc the Time Traveling Cowboy, and Jingles the Jester, as you learn about 30 magic tricks and build social skills such as being respectful, creative, prepared and giving!

Our Purple Wand Magic Course is one of the 4 Magic Courses we offer for kids! In this magic course, your child will be introduced to some fun and original magic tricks and games (not found anywhere else!) that will boost their confidence and communication skills!

Get ready to take an adventure into the world of magic! Learn how to read people’s minds, make money appear out of nowhere and travel through time with a magic bandana, just to name a few things that your child will learn!

In this course students will not only learn the 8 basic effects that make up all magic tricks, but more importantly they will discover the real secrets to becoming a true magician as each lesson reveals an important skill for life.

Each lesson comes with a custom magic prop, a magic top secret file folder, and a secret word to unlock bonus videos in the online video vault. Students will be having so much fun that they won’t even realize that they are building self-confidence and developing critical communication skills that will impact their future.

Our Purple Wand Course is a high energy, interactive class that Includes 8 Secret File Folders, 8 Packet Tricks, and a key card with a lifetime access to our online Video Vault with bonus magic tricks! On the last day of class, family and friends are invited to join us for a Graduation Magic Show where each student will perform something they learned and will graduate with their PURPLE WAND and Certificate of Advancement! This course is best for kids in 2nd grade and up!  Space is LIMITED to only 10 students, so Register NOW before it fills up!”

All students get custom and exclusive magic supplies and materials, along with a colored graduation wand and certificate of advancement! In total, the kids will learn about 30 magic tricks! The total for the class, which includes all custom supplies is $120.

Classes begins September 12 (9 weeks) The 9th week will be graduation and a show for parents!


2nd Graders – 8th Graders

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